University Name : Freiburg University

Freiburg University

Campus Freiburg, State: Baden-Württemberg
Founded 1457
Students 22992


Academic Studies

Location of the University of Freiburg

The University of Freiburg’s campus spreads itself all over the city, with buildings belonging to the same faculty mostly grouped in one place. However, distances between any of the faculties are never far, which also aids the interdisciplinary exchange that is encouraged by the university’s teaching principles.

Distinguishing factors

In worldwide university rankings, e.g. the Times Higher Education Ranking or that of the QS, the University of Freiburg has been consistently awarded high placements since many years. All faculties possess excellent facilities. Representative for this is the Faculty of Engineering, which is equipped, for example, with a clean room and robotics and electronics laboratories. Combined with the high quality of the teaching and the focus on interdisciplinarity, which are two of the main guiding principles of the university, these factors enable the university to be a strong partner to other research institutes as well as to the industry.

Specialisations of the Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering enjoys a high level of recognition for its research activities. The ranking of the Wissenschaftsrat (National Science Council) awarded the third place for its activities in the field of electrical engineering and information technology in 2011. Correspondingly, the Bachelor as well as the Master degree programmers offered by the faculty allows students to not only draw on, but also to partake in the newest developments in their field.

Campus life

The Freiburg campus culture is closely interwoven with that of the city and vice versa. The reasons for this are that the University of Freiburg places particular importance on multiculturalism and the inclusion of the wider public. Consequently, there are always numerous events taking place that are aimed towards exploring and combining the cultural backgrounds of the region and the university's population. Likewise, opportunities for everyone to become involved with the activities of the university, e.g. through open lectures, are regularly organized.
Another aspect of student life in Freiburg are the many sport and excursion opportunities offered by the University of Freiburg's location directly next to the Black Forest and close to the borders Germany shares with France and Switzerland.

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